Fuel Horse 750XTS



Fuel Horse 750XTS

3 Year Limited Warranty


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Fueling Fast, Service Easy with the FUEL HORSE 750XTS

Engineered for true fuel and service efficiency


  • Diesel Capacity: 750 gallon 
  • Diesel Exhaust Fluid Capacity: 110 gallon
  • Diesel Tank: 7 gauge steel, tri-baffled, bottom ball valve
  • DEF Tank: Stainless steel, bottom ball valve


Transfer Systems

  • Diesel: 35 gpm, high flow nozzle, dual filter
  • DEF: 10 gpm, DEF nozzle, filtered


Axles and Hitch

  • (2) 6,000 lb GVWR Dexter TorflexTM
  • 2 -5/16” ball hitch
  • 6,000 torsion tandem torsion axle configuration
  • Hitch designed for proper leveling
  • Standard aluminum rims


Trailer Coating

All components are powder coated. Components are individually coated, no bare steel-on-steel to create rust or paint failures


Fuel Tank Structure and Placement

  • 750 gallon capacity
  • 7 gauge steel tank—provides strong structure and high integrity welds
  • Shape—aerodynamic, modern look. Curves and arches provide stronger tank structure compared to 90 degree seams.
  • Less structural stresses in arches and curves, more structural stresses in 90 deg corners
  • Placement-up front, better weight distribution              
  • No need to step across hitch, not limited to which side you fuel from (fuel hoses in rear)
  • Bolt on tanks-no long weld seams to flex with trailer frame, less long term cracking issues on seams
  • Rubber between tanks for no steel on steel rubbing
  • No rub points
  • Allows for natural vehicle micromovement without loss of integrity


DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid System)

  • Largest standard tank on the market – 110 gallons
  • ISO certified system
  • Stainless steel tank
  • 12 Volt pump system-regulated on-the-go recharging system for independent battery
  • DEF filter-5 micron replaceable 
  • 35ft of DEF hose


Fuel Transfer System

  • System designed with capacity in mind from tank fill cap to the fuel nozzle. Complete system engineered rather than just a pump in mind. Designed with principles and science of fluid dynamics and liquid motion. No restriction type design.
  • 40 gpm+ capacity—Standard equipment 
  • 2 vented fuel caps. Each cap is rated for 30gpm suction. 30x2=60gpm suction air flow capacity
  • Twin 30gpm filters are located before the pump. 60gpm of throughput and protection for longer pump life.
  • Commerical high flow nozzle 1.5” for 40gpm+ flow. Others use a 30gpm nozzle or less.
  • 35ft of 1” fuel hose. 
  • Removable drip tray
  • 6.5hp Briggs and Stratton engine
  • Other systems claim 40gpm but the overall system is not engineered for that capacity.

Rear Compartment

  • Weather sealed compartment
  • Montezuma™ tool storage system on roll out tray—standard equipment
  • Storage compartment on roll out tray
  • Egronomic paddle latches for locking. Single point operation. Automotive style system.
  • All painted surfaces. No steel on steel.
  • LED lighted compartment
  • Hannay™ reels—industry leader in reel technology. 
  • Removable side panels for cleaning and servicing
  • Principles of having rear compartment—able to refill vehicles from either side of the trailer, not limited to just the left side. No hitch to step over to get from side to side of service area as in other trailers.
  • All hosing from tanks to rear compartment run through bulk heads. No rubber hose in contact with metal edges. 




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